Out of the Fog Hero 813pxw

You want a dinosaur? We can do you a dinosaur.

You want less wrinkles? You’ve got less wrinkles.

You want a dinosaur with less wrinkles? [Insert non-offensive old lady joke here].

Our retouching and post production team are truly guru’s of their art. They excel in tackling the most challenging of creative concepts and they back this up with a deep technical understanding of the production processes involved. When you look at their work, you won’t see it, you’ll just be drawn into the image. This is a sign of their success.

We can work from files that you supply. As complex and technical as many of the software tools we use may be, it must be remembered that they are just tools. It’s the people driving the technology at Bluefish that makes the difference. From the most complex of creative requirements, CGI integration or high volume image processing and preparation, our digital can provide the solution. 

We can work from your files and complete the retouching to your briefing and instructions or it may form part of the entire production and delivery process for a project.