Transportal CGI Library

Bluefish are one of the few Australian based specialists shooting CGI backgrounds with matching HDR lighting domes. While particularly designed for the automotive industry the image data or backplates can be used for any purposes. We have the 'Transportal CGI' library available and we are are ready to take your briefs on board and search our files for you.

At each location we photograph, we take a number of backplates from various camera heights and angles with different lenses. At the same time we also shoot full spherical 360º images in HDR (32bit) which are used by most common 3D or CGI programs such as Maya to provide both lighting and reflection maps on the CGI vehicles placed within the scene created from the backplates. This is the only way to yield ultra realistic location based CGI imagery.

A selection of locations available are displayed below for your reference. There will be 20-30 backplates available at each different location although we have only shown two or three each below. We have a growing range of backplates and we can also shoot new locations specifically to your brief.

Contact us on +61 3 8823 1188 for more information.


Sample of backplates and 360º HDR dome.

Simplified CGI workflow in Maya to place car and produce final render.


Transportal CGI Library 

Following are some samples backplates from our Transportal CGI library. Each location will have 20-40 backplates available as part of the data set with matched 360º HDR lighting domes.