CGI Visualisation

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You dream it, we create it.

Here at Bluefish we have over 10 years experience in Computer Generated Imagery, digital retouching and image manipulation and are one of Australia's leading creative automotive and product visualisation specialists. Our digital CG skills go hand in hand with our extensive photographic knowledge and expertise allowing us to create the most unbelievably photo-realistic images. Whether it's for Print, Web or Animations, we do it all.

No matter if your content requirements are for print, web or other digital media, Bluefish can produce stunning visuals to help you promote or market your product. As we work across both CGI and traditional photographic methods we'll work with you to find the best most cost effective form of execution for your needs. Make sure you check out our CGI Portfolio to view a selection of our CGI work.

CGI Disciplines

Location Integration

One of our core specialities is the integration of CAD / CGI produced vehicle imagery into real world locations. We may shoot customised locations specifically to your requirements or we may source backgrounds from either external libraries or our own TransportalCGI library. While location type environments can be created in 3D the most realistic results are usually achieved by using actual location background images and their accompanying 360 degree 32bit spherical domes which we capture on location when shooting the backgrounds.

Our 25 years of real world automotive experience puts us at the cutting edge of stunningly believable location based CGI visualisation. Our USP is that we are creatives who deeply understand technology, not technicians trying to be creative!

Studio Environments

Almost anything is possible and most environments can generally be created completely from within 3D software programs without the need for any real world data, no weather delays, no permits etc etc. Our intimate knowledge of lighting cars in actual studios for many years provides us with the upper hand creatively when making your products look their best even though we are creating images entirely within a CG work-flow.

Cutaway Vehicles & Technical Perspectives

The beauty of CGI is that your viewpoint can be absolutely anywhere and not restricted by the real world physics that make positioning a camera 20m overhead a somewhat tricky proposition. Merging exterior and interior data also allows us to create stunning cut-away views without destroying vehicles.

360 Degree 3D vehicle exteriors/interiors

Fully navigable or rotating vehicle exteriors and interiors are common on many automotive manufacturers websites and provide customers a very engaging experience with the product. They may also be used in conjunction with colour configurators or other animated techniques. We can supply final content in almost any format or file type that you web developers may require.

Some live examples can be seen by the following links - 

Mazda CX-5 Exterior - Mazda CX-5 360º Interior - Nissan 370Z 360º Interior