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Bluefish Productions has 25 years experience producing 'visual content' for the advertising and marketing industries.

We work across photography, film/TV, web and 3D/CGI disciplines where inspiring and emotional visuals are required. Our team love what they do, work damn hard and importantly, have fun doing it. Our quality, efficiency and value are second to none no matter if we are working on a global product launch for a major international brand, or some head shots for the local real estate agent.

We are a full-service production company that can handle any brief from development to delivery. We have full capacity for all areas of production including: talent casting/negotiations, styling, hair, makeup, set design, lighting, sound, catering, producers, assistants, location scouting, accommodation, and studio/equipment rental.

So, check out our portfolios and blog and if you'd like to get the ball rolling or just to discuss ideas and options, then contact us on +61 3 8823 1188 or via info@bluefish.com.au