Tracking Rig Goes Offroad!


We take the Blue Fish tracking rig Offroad for Mazda BT-50

There is only a handful of tracking rigs around in Australia and those of you who have worked with them will appreciate the better ones from the not so ones. The Blue Fish rig is fairly utalitarian and we prefer to 'Pre Mount' the rig mounts prior to shooting which allows us to customise a much more solid mount. Once in place, the Blue Fish tracking rig is fairly indestructable and it's handled everyting we've thrown at it over 8 years or more.

We haven't used the rig as much in the last year or so as it's fair to say the rig style of shooting had gone out of favour a little with the hotter static European style of shooting being the flavour of late. However, 'Rig Shots' really are the most credible way to get the best results for dynamic motion blur. Good retouchers can similate motion blur fairly well for backgrounds BUT, those sharp reflections on the car are a dead giveaway in most cases. Tight budgets in the last few years have also reduced the use of tracking rigs but I'm sure most AD's who have been forced into trying to produce rig style images without using a rig would agree that the results are usually a big compromise.

Client: Mazda Australia 

Art Director: Chris Bilby

Agency: CHE Proximity

Photographer: Glenn Gibson

If your thinking tracking rigs then the Blue Fish rig is one of the best in the country and automotive photographer Glenn Gibson one of the most experienced around in their use.

Here's the rest of the campaign and a few behind the scene's pics.

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