Pathfinder in Tasmania


Tasmania is one of our favorite places to shoot n the whole wide world and for the purposes of this Nissan Pathfinder shoot it was the perfect answer.

We're all under increasing pressure to deliver more for less these days and while its possible, it helps if there is a supportive and flexible client. For the launch of the new Pathfinder, Nissan required a completely new and fresh set of images with a heavy lifestyle influence and remote locations. There is usually no escaping these type of requirements costing plenty of money due to the logistics and talent costs alone so we set about a different approach.

Rather than location search in advance, we'd shot in Tasmania many times so we had a good idea what many possible locations could be. Accordingly we presented the client a rough logistical plan and lots of location reference, but made it clear that we'd actually decide all locations on the day while out and about. We set about assembling the smallest possible crew who also doubled as our 'family of five' and we set out to actually have a camping adventure in Tasmania, shooting the brochure along the way. Our dad was a photography assistant, mum was a family friend who also cooked and catered and bought her daughter along for the adventure. My own son Lachie tagged along as did a family friend for our third kid and one extra assistant as a general hand to help set up camp and wrangle other stuff. Seven people plus art director Bruce Baldwin headed off with only three vehicles (including the brochure car) for an eight day Tasmanian adventure.

Locations included Ben Lamond NP, Bay of Fires, Bicheno and Bird River among others, with Tasmanian Parks lending great assistance and quick help with permit applications and the like. All in all we exceeded most expectations several times over and produced a stunning range of images for a modest budget, whilst having a damn good time in the process... lack of sleep not withstanding!

A few stills from some other Tasmanian adventures.