Nissan Frenzy

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Who would you turn to for production off hundreds of images for multiple campaigns, brochures and launches over an intense 4-5 month period?

Well the answer for WhybinTBWA, The Fuel Agency and Nissan was Blue Fish Productions.

Led by photographer/director Glenn Gibson and supported by digital & CGI guru Troy Witte, the Blue Fish team produced hundreds of high qulity visual assets for Nissan related work over a 4-5 month period. The work was utilised across a multitude of media from brochures, prints ads, billboards, interactive, web, POS and more.

Glenn..  "I'm feeling a bit exhausted just looking back at this! The studio was like a car yard for several months as among all the different campaign and asset requirements for multiple launches, we simultaneously shot Nissan's entire car range for a major website update. The executions were primarily photographic but with a mix of CGI in there also when vehicle CAD data was available. In fact the large Pulsar 'MORE' launch campaign that you'll see everywhre on outdoor currently is all CGI as vehicles themselves were not yet available. If we've done a good job then you shouldn't have picked it as CGI ... did you? 

This mammoth amount of work stemmed from a range of model updates, the large Nissan website 'refresh' as mentioned and the new vehicle launches for Patrol and Pulsar. It's projects like these when our extensive resources, facilities and experence come to the fore. Two studios, photography or CGI execution, large location library and seemless pre/post production are all integrated to deliver high quality work, with great efficiency and value. 

The collage above shows just some of the work from our very own 'Nissan Frenzy'. As for how well we handled it, we'll let our clients do the talking"

"I've worked with the guys at Bluefish for some time now, always been enjoyable, and i can count on them to get quality work back"
Pat Sofra - Senior Designer WhybinTBWA

"No matter how often, how many or how high we hold the hoops, Glenn and the team always manage to jump through them. Great creative results keep the agency art directors happy and their solid production standards are a blessing for me."

Tony Hall - Production Director WhybinTBWA

"Blue Fish were given the colossal task of shooting multiple angles of every Nissan vehicle for the new website in a 3 week window. They delivered to our crazy demands with a level of quality and professionalism that we probably didn't deserve."
Paul Arena - Interactive Director WhybinTBWA