Window To A Cleaner World

LMM 0756 RT BW 01

Climbing over the edge of a 14 story building in the middle of Melbourne CBD to capture a dramatic bird’s eye view of the work of Aces High Rope Access took every bit of intestinal fortitude, but with a crash course in the use of the ropes, a couple of camera-less drops to acclimatise, fear was quickly replaced with adrenaline and the desire to create some seriously dramatic images.

You’d be surprised at the amount of water that get sprayed around while these guys are cleaning so I learnt quickly not to position myself below them whenever possible. Even managed to get a selfie in on my last drop!

Equipment Used:

Canon DSLR cameras

Canon L series 8-14mm & 16-35mm lenses

Canon Speedlight 580EX ii


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LMM 0723 RT BW 01

LMM 0641 RT BW 01

LLP 0890 Selfie