Making of Nissan 370Z


So the question is, is it CGI or Photography?

Well, the answer is a combination of both.... but the car is entirely CGI. The background came from one of Blue Fish's many stock backgrounds and the car is generated completely by CGI from original CAD data from the manufacturer. Play the movie at the end of this story for a simplified look at the workflow although it probably makes it look far more simplistic than what's really involved behind the scenes.

We use several 3D programs during the CGI visualisation although much of the work is Maya based with VRay used for rendering. Final compositing and creative always goes out to a fairly complex layered Photoshop file for final tweaks which also allows us a lot more creative control via layered options.

Is CGI the right answer for you? It's a difficult question and many factors need to be considered before deciding the best path. As Blue Fish handles high end image creation by both photographic and CGI work flows, we work with our clients to recommend the most appropriate work flow for the particular parameters of the job. Unlike the majority of other suppliers we're not going to force you down one particular road just because that's which barrow we push. Give us a call any time if you'd like some help determining what might be best for your own circumstances.