Holy Cow!

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I don't know what it is, but we must have some sort of 'Animal Attraction' when we're on location shoots.

After stopping on the side of the road in country Victoria I busily set about shooting a background scene for a Telstra ad. After a short time I had this feeling I was being watched and turned around to find this group of very cute and inquisitive cows had gathered directly across the road. Nice!


Below - An oldie but goodie as you can tell from the pic of me.

Shooting in a dirt lane down near the Otways, this particularly friendly cow kept following us throughout our shoot. Wherever I went, Daisy followed, before the local farmer came down to take his friendly cow home. She's always wandering off to say hello when there's people in the area he said.

Standing with my back to a paddock fence during this Mazda shoot down off The Great Ocean Road, there was something obviously amusing our crew which I couldn't figure out. A bloody great "Moo" from a huge bull just behind me frightened the crap out of me and almost had me tangled in the barbed wire fence. I'd no idea that the Bull and a couple of his buddies (Lamas) had been slowly creeping up on me as I was frantically setting up for the sunrise. They make for a bit of a weird threesome don't you think?

I think my best cow story though is shooting an Opel campaign for India here in Australia. The clients Adi and Vikas from McCann Erickson in India and I were shooting in a poplar plantation near Wangaratta in northern Victoria and these two cows kept wandering closer and closer to us and the cars. I wasn't sure if we should shoo them away or what, but they slowly made their way over to the car we were shooting and started licking the paint work. I didn't know this but most farmers will tell you that you can't leave your cars too long near cows as there is something in the paint they like to lick. Well anyway as you may know, in India cows are very sacred creatures and Adi & Vikas thought our shoot had been blessed by the gods. After this it seemed I could do no wrong for the rest of the 7 day shoot.

OK it's not a cow but it's still cute. We were busy shooting a close up grill detail for a Patrol brochure in a creek crossing way out bush a few hundred kilometres north from Broken Hill and a little frog jumped onto the base of my tripod leg. We carefully scooped him up and plonked him on the cars grill to capture this completely unplanned and unscripted classic. It became the brochure back cover and a poster and FYI that big froggy smile is completely unretouched. No photoshop whatsoever! 

Those lamas again.

My son Lachie and friend Anna Greenhough on a Tasmanian shoot. Yeah OK, we figured it wasn't real!

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