Getting Social with NISSAN

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It's a lot of fun to watch Rupert Laycock work.

We had two very long briefs for tight schedule shoots. One shoot was for Juke and the other for Micra. In both cases we had to fit a lot into 2 days of shooting with models, make-up, stylist, client rep, agency rep...and in one case a sausage dog!

But Rupert is time-efficient with every scene, making the talent feel extremely comfortable and creating a really enjoyable working environment.

So in these tight schedules with nightmarish efficiency we shot the following scenes for each car in different locations every time: Shopping, Coffee, Fitness, Gifting, Parking, Fueling, Accessorising, Range, Product, and of course, Selfieing.

Below is just some of the images Rupert created including some behind the scenes, and what was used for Instagram.


Rupert Laycock is represented by Bluefish Productions, he is an expert in Fashion, Lifestyle, and Product photography  - View Rupert's Entire Portfolios here: Fashion & Lifestyle/Product

 Micra Social G5D5074


getting social with nissan

Getting Social 5

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Getting Social 2

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getting social with nissan 2