Adventures in LA LA Land


LA seems to be the place to get a good representation of all things good & bad in America!

On arrival in LA for a few weeks shooting (pictures & video - above) we met up with some friends who had moved there a few years back. "Let's do something very LA" was their decree on our arrival as we were bundled into a car to head somewhere unkown before dinner. Five minutes later we were at the LA gun club and only about ten minutes later again, we all had serious weapons in hand with only one of our group of seven having to show ID on behalf of the whole, completely inexperienced group. Crikey "Only in America". I really just can't fathom how seven of us had 357 magnum's and the like in our hands within minutes.

Carbon fibre tracking rig. One of about ten available for hire in LA. Or at least there used to be before CGI wiped out a lot of the location shooting!

The 'Russian Rig' below was rather awesome. This puppy is fully remote controlled from inside the Porche and the arm can spin complete 360 degree circles with a full remote control hot head on the end. One of the US crew operated the arm with Howie taking charge of the hot head from the joystick based console in the back seat.

Traffic home from Vegas after the weekend!